From the Beginning

From the Beginning

If you’re reading this and are about to have a baby or have just had a baby, a massive congratulations are in order.

Now that you’ve decided to pack in a life of blissful freedom and independence you have a choice to make over how to approach the parenting thing – be super calculated or wing it. Both come with their strengths and weaknesses but have one thing in common – a wreckless abandonment of reason and logic, understanding and perspective, when it come to baby products!

Zac & I experienced an intense amount of pressure ourselves on what to buy for our first baby. We wanted to buy everything … and I mean everything! We bought things that we never used, things that never worked and things that didn’t even fit in our pokey London flat.

I was overwhelmed with everything out there and there was an information overload! Where do I start, what can I rely on?

I should’ve bloody listened to my mother

I was ahead in my group of mums-to-be and so eventually become a go to place but until that point I was sailing through choppy waters. My maternity leave slowly became a withdrawal from everything I knew into the parenting jungle.

I should of bloody listened to my mother “you don’t need much” and saved for child care instead. There’s lots of those moments like that by the way, and as you become a mum it really is a case of ‘mummy knows best’.

Zac was even more clueless and his attempt at getting his head around things was humorous at best. Most of the time he was trying to not upset me, and had his trusted wallet to his side at the first sign of trouble, like a gun slinger in bandit country.

We started sharing information on what was and wasn’t useful with other new parents. A lot of us were time poor, still thinking about work and how are careers might be salvaged, so having punchy lists were really helpful.

As we tell our kids after all, ‘sharing is caring’, so why don’t we as adults do the same

So Zac and I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could help create a peer recommended platform for parents. A place where people can have an easier experience. As we tell our kids after all, ‘sharing is caring’, so why don’t we as adults do the same – create a list that is easy, simple and without all the noise, that really helps save energy, time, money and sanity!!

best baby product

We also believe that brands need to know what we’re thinking because they’re often creating these amazing products for us parents and its no easy feat. There’s a lot of regulations and hormone crazed parents with high expectations and they can’t rely on brand awareness or any pre-established loyalties.

it’s about making the best decisions for our newborns

Thus The top 100 baby products is here to help. Our aim is to create a place for parents to understand the best baby stuff. Speak to Zac and he’ll tell you about a choice architecture, for me it’s more about an emotional connection. Either way, it’s about making the best decisions for our newborns.

This year marks our second year and boy are we excited!! A bit like our real life kids, the platform has grown and adapted. We’re very excited about the upcoming launch and hope you will be subscribing and keeping in touch. If you are a parent or know any parents who would be interested in receiving top products as a Reviewer then let us know.

In the mean time, you can always check us out at The InsideEdit – our blog where we look at life London and how parenting can be made more fun!

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