Authenticity vs Monetisation

Authenticity vs Monetisation

When you think of Top 100 Baby Products I bet you’re thinking of an awards-type site… a magazine, a directory or a listing of some sort right?

Nope! Far from it in fact. It’s an honest and independent ranking – a guide to help parents and parents-to-be without compromise.

In re-launching the guide we thought to create something where products are first entered by brands basically. This was to allow us monetise the concept in a more streamlined way and quite genuinely allow brands to put their best stuff forward that parents might not know about.

But we can’t do it! Sorry, we won’t compromise on this…just doesn’t feel right.

It has to be different to everything out there … it has to be true to our mission to help save time, money and confusion by presenting the best stuff out there. It must be honest and incorruptible.

So we’ve made a decision that our ranking will be independent and unbiased, brands cannot pay to enter the Top 100 Baby Products.

Our every intention is to offer valuable information to parents who could do with saving an immense amount of confusion, time and money. We look to the information out there, scanning and listening to what parents are talking about, like us, those that have a lot to share on what counts.

Of course, we do have brands that love what we’re doing and share the vision to help and inspire. These guys do get some extra airtime on the blog and via or social channels but we are very selective with who and why.


The same dilemma and conflict every blogger, content creator or creative faces – how can you maintain authenticity whilst sustaining the costs


And therein lies the problem. The same dilemma and conflict every blogger, content creator or creative faces – how can you maintain authenticity whilst sustaining the costs. If you know the answer please share, because we’re still trying to figure it out.

Having spent a fair amount of time in the media world with Top 100 and The Inside Edit to us it’s glaringly obvious with other businesses and blogs where there have been compromises made. But we don’t hold it against them – that’s just the way it is in most cases. I guess the most important thing for us is to deliver something of value.

I remember being pregnant and thinking, hoping, praying that my baby was well. That he will arrive healthy and I would be able to become the mother I hoped to be. ‘Things’ come second to this maternal instinct.

But undoubtedly, we must take care in the decisions we are making – look to those who have been on the path travelled and understand what products might be best for our us and our beloved newborns.

Top 100 Baby Products I 2017 will be Forbes (with it’s power, influence and simplicity) mixed with Which? (trust, information and authenticity). Offering our ever dwindling attention span some punchy, easily digestible content.

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